How long will the transfer take?

The transfer time depends on the type of airport transfer booked. Generally, private airport transfers are much quicker as there is no stops at other hotels for drop-off or pick-up.  Below is a schedule of approximate travel times from the airport to various destinations:

From AIRPORT TO VIP Airport Transfer (Duration) Private Airport Transfer (Duration)
Hotel in Negril West End 1hr 45mins 1hr 55mins
Hotel in Negril Beach Strip 1hr 25mins 1hr 35mins
Hotel in Lucea 1hr 0mins 1hr 5mins
Round Hotel and Villa 0hr 20mins 0hr 25mins
Hotel in Runaway Bay 1hr 05mins 1hr 15mins
Hotel in Ocho Rios 1hr 25mins 1hr 35mins
Hotel in Boscobel, St. Mary 2hrs 05mins 2hrs 15mins
Hotel in Mandeville 2hrs 30mins 2hrs 45mins
Hotel in Montego Bay 0hr 15mins 0hr 25mins

*Duration times above approximated and depends on the time of day due to traffic.